7 best unique and stylish baby girl clothes

Are you looking for unique and stylish baby girl clothes? We started MooMooz for parents who are tired of unoriginal kids’ clothing. Have you ever stopped and wondered why all the kids at your neighborhood playground are dressed in the same fast fashion brands with the same exact style and color? If you have, we’ve always wondered the same thing. That’s why at MooMooz we’ve curated unique and stylish baby girl clothes so that your special little one can be dressed in clothes that express their unique character and style.  

1. Stylish baby girl clothes with small details that make a big difference

The 2020 SS fashion trends are definitely all about the laces and crochets. At MooMooz we’ve carefully hand-picked our stylish baby girl clothes to be in line with these fun new trends. Here are our handpicked stylish baby girl clothes with beautifully laced or crocheted sleeves and necklines. These trend-setting pieces will help your little one’s unique character shine!

Flo Embroidered Lace Jersey T-shirt 

Embroidered lace jersey T-shirt
This is an embroidered lace jersey t-shirt with a round neckline. These lacey frills and detailed embroideries under the neckline adds special character to the piece. The diagonally patched laces on the sleeves are absolutely adorable as well. This piece is also slim fitting. Try layering it with a vest to complete the look!

Flo Patterned Lace Vest

This is a Patterned Lace Vest carefully crafted with a slightly shiny crocheted lace. The ruffled shoulders also add an extra dimension to the look. This is a wonderful piece to layer over t-shirts, blouses, dresses, and more!

Flo Sheer Lace Apron Vest

This versatile vest can change all different kinds of everyday looks depending on what your little one decides to wear it on top of. Your little one can wear this vest on top of their favorite t-shirt to create an immediate whimsical look. 

2. Staple styles. Stylish baby girl clothes that make a difference.

Every baby girl might have a jean jacket and a romper, but if you’re looking for staple styles with unique details check out our curation for your dose of stylish baby girl clothes. 

Flo Icy Blue Denim Jacket

This is an icy blue washed denim jacket with ruffled shoulders. The slim fit silhouette and puffy shoulders complete this unique design. The golden buttons and flap pockets on the front also add a subtle flare to the look.

Flo Ruffled Zip-up Jumpsuit

Ruffled Zip-up Jumpsuit
This is a ruffled round neck zip-up jumpsuit with a banded waistline and relaxed fit. The front zip closure makes it easy to put on and take off and the banded sleeves add extra comfort.

3. Stylish baby girl clothes for travel. This is for all the baby girls that need to be COOL & STYLISH even while they are on the go.

Here’s our selection of stylish baby girl clothes for your little one’s fun train rides and plane rides. These pieces don’t compromise style or comfort. 

[Set] Ruffled Love Sweatshirt and Sweat Pants

[Set] Ruffled Love Sweatshirt and Sweat Pants
This is a ruffled sweatshirt and sweatpants set for girls. The voluminous ruffles on the shoulders, the colorful tassels and the text 'LOVE' patched on the front create a whimsical look. This is a comfortable and stylish outfit for all your little one’s travels. Available in gray and pink.

Lucky Bambine Ruffled Hoodie and Capri Pants

Lucky Bambine Ruffled Hoodie and Capri Pants
This ruffled hoodie and capri pants set is crafted with the softest cotton fabric. This outfit is extra comfy and cute, with little ruffles patched along the hood and pockets of the pants.
For more stylish clothing options for your kids, there are over 1,000 styles that are in season, trendy and unique available in our online store.