Yes, cavity-free gummy bears are real!

Gummy bears have got every element to steal the hearts of our children (and adults, to be honest). They are cute, colorful, and tasty! However, the consequences they can bring to our children’s dental health aren’t always so cute.

All moms struggling to keep children away from gummy bears, MooMooz has brought some great DIY ideas for you! Yes, cavity-free gummy bears are real, and even better, you make it yourself!

‘DIY gummy bear soaps’ – Kids totally love making and using these! Moreover, DIY gummy bear soaps are great to give out as birthday presents, which takes the weight off moms’ shoulders to brainstorm new birthday gift ideas every month. The best thing about DIY gummy bear soaps is that they can be made in any colors and sizes you want, using only environmentally friendly ingredients.

By simply searching the hashtag #gummybearsoap on Instagram, you can find many unique images and videos. No doubt, they are super popular among children and moms! DIY soaps in Lego block or dinosaur shapes were a fad years ago, but it didn’t last long.

However, it’s different this time! DIY gummy bear soaps are extra special because they look exactly like actual gummy bears. It’s easy to buy gummy bear molds and ingredients – simply search for ‘DIY gummy bear soap kits’ online to find your favorite set. Here’s a tip: they are easily purchasable on Amazon! All you’ve got to do after you receive your kit is enjoying making your very own gummy bear soaps with your children.

 Soaps made with only environmentally friendly ingredients, without adding even a single drop of harmful chemicals aren’t a dream anymore! Even better, they can be made in various colored gummy bear shapes! Perhaps DIY gummy bear soaps will make our children’s hand washing and shower times much more pleasing. 

Moms, don’t hesitate to deliver this awesome news to your kids, too. Keep calm and make gummy bear soaps yourself!