Funky baby girl clothes with unique pattern & print

Funky fashion is for people who choose fun and personality over safe, generic styles. Funky fashion has been derived from 1980s retrro mood and have transformed into versatile look creating harmony wiwth different styles. What kinds of funky fashions is available for kids? Let’s take a look at MooMooz’s cute and sassy funky baby girls clothes together!

1. Unforgettable funky print& pattern

Funky baby girl clothes with an outstanding detail on the front. Very unique and childlike print and pattern make MooMooz’s funky baby girl clothes aid creating cute funky fashion.

 Puppy Eyes Dress

Check out this adorable dress with glossy texture and puffy shoulders. The big, puppy eyes printed on the front grab attention at once! Sparkling rhinestones on the print calls for additional attention for sure. The layers of tulle below the skirt add extra volume to the look.This could be the definition of funky baby girl clothes  Available in pink and beige.

[SET] Bunny Sweatshirt and Sweatskirt

If standard funky baby girl clothes is too much for your little, try our bunny patterned sweatshirt and sweatskirt set. It is a bit toned down but still has the quality of being funky - and it is super comfy and cute. Bright color palette and bows on the bottom hem add details to the look. It's a lovely outfit made perfect for our active little munchkins! Available in ivory and pink.

[SET] Soft Ruffled T-Shirt and Pants

Ta-da! Who wouldn’t stand out in these pair. Funky baby girl clothes can include Ssoft T-shirt and pants set with a special twist! Rich ruffles that run along the sleeves and legs make this outfit super unique. Available in ivory, pink, and almond beige. 


2. Must have Leopard items!

Leopard and fur must be discussed when talking about funky baby girl clothes. Leopard and fur are not only soft to touch but they are also very trendy as well.

Reversible Leopard Faux Fur Bomber Jacket


Look and feel amazing all winter long in this reversible bomber jacket! Solid colored material on one side and extra cozy faux fur with leopard patterns on the other enable versatile styling. Banded hems keep the chills out at all times! Relaxed fit. Available in khaki and brown.


Leopard Bow Headband

You don’t have to wear leopard as a clothing - try on big bow headband with leopard print to add cuteness and still be trendy.


[SET] Leopard Bow Hairpins

These loepoard hairpins will add liveliness to the outfit! Comes in a set of beige and fuchsia pink. Just a small accessory can turn the outfit into funky baby girl clothes.


Furry Smiley Face Bag

This fur bag is great for cold winter days and is very easy to style, too. Big smiley face on a bright pink fabric make this bag perfect for funky baby clothes item. What better item can portray innocent funky look?


3. Colorful items makes you funky

Now it’s time to explore colorful world of clothes and accessories for funky baby girl clothes. You don’t have to make every item you wear to be funky - simply throw on a bright colored pants or bags and you are ready to pull off your own funky style.

Ruffle Patched Corduroy Skirt

Fleece lined corduroy skirt with ruffles patched along both sides of the buttons running down through the center. Exposed pocket with rims in the same color as the ruffles and buttons add extra cuteness and unity to the garment. Banded waistline. Available in green and purple.


Wide Corduroy Pants


Wide corduroy pants with contrasting colored lines running along the sides. Please note tha the length can eventually shrink up to 1cm, because of the special corduroy material used to craft these pants. Available in pink and yellow.


Twinkle Two-way Bag


Don't miss this special two-way bag crafted with pure cotton canvas and glittery fabric! It can be worn as a cute tote bag or as a cross bag, by putting the detachable,size adjustable straps on or off. This bag looks amazing on both kids and adults! Even better, Twinkle Two-Way Bags come with fun and colorful keychains. Magnetic closure. Available in Elsa blue, pink, yellow, green, and hot pink.

Cute Larva Pom Pom Bag Charm


[Is Better] signature wooly pom pom bag charms are definitely worth keeping. Choose your favorite, or have them all! These little detailed additions are what make plain baby girl clothes to funky baby girl clothes.


[SET] Adventure Sweatshirt and Jersey Pants


Here's a comfy and stylish daily outfit for our young adventurers. Cool color scheme and unique mix of textures make this outfit super special. Crafted with bio-washed fabric, this outfit is soft and cozy. Check out the adventurer emblem on the chest, too! Available in pink and blue


Color Patch Wide Pants


Momowa suggests many ways to experiment with various looks with just one outfit! The front, back, and waistline all hold different colors. Available in adorable pink or trendy mint. Crafted with 100% bio-washed cotton fabric.

Unique Color Block Leggings

Unique color block leggings with ribbed texture. Stretchy fabric, slim fit and ribbed texture maximize comfort. Fun colors are perfect for brightening up any casual outfit! Available in beige and black.


3. Eye catching fabric and colors

Everyone will notice you in these rainbow-like color and textured jackets and jumpsuit. 

Aurora Puffer Jacket

Charming puffer jacket crafted with aurora-like colored material. Golden decorated edges add on extra details to the look. 4 oz filling keeps the heat in at all times.


Aurora Puffer Zip-Up Jumpsuit

Stay super cozy in this beautiful zip-up puffer jumpsuit crafted with aurora-like colored material. Golden decorated edges add on extra details to the look.