Keep shaking with the sharks!

The ‘Baby Shark’ craze

There is a mega-hit song from Korea that got everyone dancing and singing instantly, even before BTS’s ‘Fake Love.’

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo! It’s Pinkfong’s Korean interpretation of the traditional chant for children, ‘Baby Shark.’ Telling a story about a shark family, the song ‘Baby Shark’ stole the hearts of all children and adults alike with its catchy lyrics, melody and of course, the dance. It’s actually one of the most-viewed videos ever on YouTube, with more than 2.1 billion views! Moreover, it made its debut on the Billboard at No. 32 on the Hot 100. The ‘Baby Shark Challenge’ went viral globally, in many languages and versions.

Korea’s a living heaven for ‘Baby Shark’ fans, who begin and end their day with this song. There is an endless variety of ‘Baby Shark’ character goods – from K-beauty products like toothpaste and facial masks, snacks like candies and drinks, home furnishing products like bedding and decorations, and even educational products like books, musicals and homeschooling textbooks! ‘Baby Shark’ related items are definitely the most popular among Pinkfong’s products, and they are still at the top of both children and moms’ wish lists for birthdays and special occasions. Many major companies in Korea are carrying out children and family targeted marketing tactics with ‘Baby Shark’ contents, since they have been proven to be super effective, multiple times. Here are three of MooMooz’s favorite ‘Baby Shark’ products that will keep any child in love with ‘Baby Shark’ happy!


1) Shark Family Facial Mask: Facial masks have been keeping the skins of Korean women moist and soft like porcelain for years. They are one of the top selling K-beauty products! These shark family facial masks are not only cute and fun to put on, but also great for the skin. Even better, both adults and children can put them on!

2) Baby Shark Teeth Brushing Kit: Singing and dancing to ‘Baby Shark’ while brushing teeth with this cute little baby shark is a shortcut to building healthy teeth brushing habits in our children!


3) Pinkfong and Shark Family Friends Cake: Hands down the most loved cake for children’s birthdays. Reservations are a must!