Meet your Favorite Characters in Seoul

Close your eyes and imagine Disney’s Cinderella Castle shining like a diamond. You’ll automatically find yourself humming the classical Disney theme song. During childhood or even after becoming a mother, you probably have at least one Disney character taking up a big place in your heart. There’s a perfect exhibition to let the young and wild children in all of us dance and sing, currently taking place in Korea: <Disney Animation Special Exhibition: The Magic of Animation>. MooMooz took a visit, too!

From Mickey Mouse, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, to Olaf and Elsa of Frozen, our favorite Disney characters got together at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea, for the <Disney Animation Special Exhibition: The Magic of Animation>. This exhibition not only gives a run-through of Disney’s history, but also provides a sneak peak of the upcoming movie, Frozen 2. The best thing about this exhibition is that all our five senses can be used to experience and feel Disney’s processes of creating forever lasting masterpieces. Clips of brainstorming illustrations, musical tunes and preview videos vividly bring Disney characters to life! Disney’s passion and technological advancements used to create every child’s dream come true were very impressive. We should hold a family Disney movie night, soon!

There’s another character that has been with us for over 60 years: Miffy. The exhibition <Dick Bruna: Will you be Miffy’s Friend?> is also taking place in Albus Gallery, Seoul, Korea. Miffy was first drawn by a Dutch artist, Dick Bruna, in 1955 for his one year old son. 32 Miffy picture books were published by 2011. You can also meet Miffy’s friends and family, as well as other artworks by Dick Bruna in this exhibition, too! Don’t forget to check out the amazing collection of picture books, silkscreen art, sculptures and other Miffy goodies by many different artists all over the world.

Perhaps both Disney and Miffy exhibitions are gifts for both children and us adults, too! Let’s all embrace these precious words from Dick Bruna:

“Take children seriously. Be honest with them as they are with you.” – Dick Bruna