Skin Care Shortcuts : K-Beauty Devices

If you are interested in skin care, especially K-beauty, you’ve probably heard of the famous 10-step Korean skin care routine. Keeping the skin as flawless and glowing is a serious goal for most Korean women. From teens to ladies in their 80s, so called ‘porcelain skin’ is a dream. Korean women’s passion for skin care is perhaps what drives the Korean skin care industry to rapidly grow and flourish. 

Here’s what’s trending these days: high-tech beauty devices. Gucci Westman, Hollywood’s favorite make-up artist, cosmetic designer and founder of the cosmetics line Westman Atelier, has mentioned her love for Korean brand <Deesse>’s LED mask in many interviews. Does it really work? Well, Westman says so!

Among many technological K-beauty devices that’s been booming in the recent years, LED masks are most definitely on the top of the list. LED masks provide a luxurious yet convenient skin care experience at home, which makes it especially attractive for moms who are exhausted from being a full-time mom. Simply wearing the LED mask for 10 to 20 minutes can help brighten, energize, and hydrate your skin! Isn’t it amazing? Fellow moms, how about giving yourself a pat on the back and a LED mask as a gift? Pampering sure does make women feel much more confident and beautiful, doesn’t it? Now, let’s get shopping!