Supima Cotton Kids Wear

We get questions all the time about Supima Cotton, and why we've chosen it as our signature fabric for our Moomooz Basics.

Our mission at Moomooz is to help parents create wardrobes for their children every season without hassle. This means opting for long lasting and quality clothes that kids could run, jump, and play in all season long without having to re-purchase clothes mid-season due to deterioration. 

It was important to us that we created our kids garments using durable fabrics that are not only soft, but also resilient, vibrant and long lasting. After much research, we found Supima Cotton - it was everything we were looking for!

Let's dive into why we we're huge fans of Supima Cotton, and why we're proud to craft our basics from this wonderful fabric

Supima Cotton Kids Clothes Moomooz

Twice As Strong Products made with Supima Cotton are twice as strong as those made with regular cotton. Because Supima fibres are longer, they are more resistant to pulling, tearing, and breaking, thus making them more durable.

Even Softer than Regular Cotton Cotton is known for being soft. However, Supima Cotton is even more softer because of its long fibre. We know kids can sometimes be extra sensitive to what touches their skin, so it was on our list to create clothes that are silky smooth to the touch. Supima Cotton is amazingly soft, and gets even more softer with wear.

Brilliant Color Retention You may have noticed if you've ever purchased from us, but our Supima-made basics retain color extraordinarily well even after several washes. This is because Supima's fibres are finer than regular cotton, resulting in a deeper dye absorption. You don't ever have to worry about your Moomooz Basics fading over time.

Overall, Supima Cotton is the way to go if you're looking for quality products that last. We're proud to craft our Moomooz Basics from this impressive fabric, and can't wait for your little ones to experience our garments!

About Us –

Hi! We're Moomooz. We make high quality modern and in-trend essentials for kids. Our line was born as a happy medium between garments that are stylish and fashion forward, yet practical and wearable.

Our mission is to help you build a functional closet for your little one every season without having to worry about their clothes deteriorating mid-way.