[Out of Stock] [SET] Bunny Hair Accessory Essentials Kit (Baby Pink)

Color: Set

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Meet our thoughtfully arranged hair accessory gift pack! Bunny ears headband, shiny tulle bow hair clip, tiny bunny charm rubber band, and star hair clips are all included in a single set. Pink and pastel colors create a soft and delicate color scheme.

*Colors are randomly assigned for the following items included in this set.
-Bunny Hair Ties
-Starry Night Hair Clips
-Bunny Hair Pins
-Flower Buds Hair Clips

#Bunny ears headband and pins #Hair accessory gift pack

Made in South Korea

There can be a slight (0.5-1 inch) difference in measurements depending on the material, design and how the measurement is made.

Please refer to the actual sizes for a more accurate sizing guide.

Size 2Y 3Y 4Y 5Y 6Y 7Y 8Y
Height 33.5-35.4in 35.4-39.4in 39.4-41.3in 41.3-44.1in 44.1-46.5in 46.5-48.0in 48.0-52.4in
85-90cm 90-100cm 100-105cm 105-112cm 112-118cm 118-122cm 122-133cm
Weight 26-29lbs 29-33lbs 33-37lbs 37-44lbs 44-49lbs 49-55lbs 55-62lbs
12-13kg 13-15kg 15-17kg 17-20kg 20-22kg 22-25kg 25-28kg

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