Frilly Skirted Leggings

Color: Charcoal

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Frilly tweed skirted leggings crafted with fancy, colorful tweed fabric. Rich ruffles add extra volume and texture to this classic garment. Fleece lined.

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Composition: Cotton

Made in South Korea


There can be a slight (0.5-1.0 inch) difference in measurements depending on the material, design and how the measurement is made. Please refer to the actual sizes for a more accurate sizing guide.

Actual Size Guide (inch)
2-3Y 4-5Y 5-6Y 6-7Y 7-8Y
WAIST 9 ¼ 9 ½ 10 10 ½ 10 ¾
LENGTH 18 ½ 20 ¼ 22 23 ¾ 25 ½


Model is 44.88 inches / 3.74 ft tall  and wearing a size 5-6Y.